Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Surprise: My Unexpected Freak-Out Over Clicking "Send"

I have good news! I just sent my first round of edits for Tess in Boots to my awesome editor, Kara Leigh Miller.

I'm pretty sure I should be leaping through a field of wildflowers, or relaxing with my feet dipped in a sparkling blue pool, or something equally picturesque and celebratory... but I'm not. Instead, I'm freaking out a little. I had to literally take deep breaths and force myself to click the send button. (I should mention I just realized that every sentence so far in this blog has started with the letter "i" - because this is the type of thing you realize when you've been on an editing binge.)

Just curious to see if any other writers have had this feeling. It's surprising to me, and it's difficult to place exactly where the feeling is coming from, except to say that sending over my edits feels extremely official, like I should be this perfect writer who never relies too heavily on adverbs (used three in this sentence - ack!) and who does not occasionally (make that four adverbs!) find herself crafting a run-on sentence such as the one you're reading right now.

I think it's safe to say I'm losing it a little. :) Time to call it a day. Check in please, writers! I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Cute post, Courtney, and yes, I can relate. I didn't have any problem releasing my edits back to Jessica--in fact, I was glad to get rid of them for a while. But it has changed the way I write. For instance, I would not normally begin a sentence with "but" or "and" like I did in the previous sentence, at least not after Jessica made me change HUNDREDS of them. I also try not to be begin sentences with a "to be" verb, and I try to avoid the use of the word "got" at all costs. For now, try to relax and enjoy the respite. The next round will be ready for you before you know it! ;)

  2. Stopping over from http://versamus.blogspot.com.au/ as part of the A-to-Z.

    I know exactly the feeling. It happens every time I post or write anything! It's become sort of scary for me, really, as I am professionally a Games Designer. I eventually have to release whatever I am working on, and I know there are always going to be bugs that will need patching after release. But you just have to push it out there and take the bugs, spelling mistakes, editing issues, and other bumps as they come along.

    Great post, and I look forward to reading the rest of your A-to-Z entries!

  3. Hi Courtney and like Linda, I can relate! :-) When I turned in my DEs, I was filled with anxiety. There was so much to change and so many contractions to make! Who knew that I needed to make so many contractions (guess I wrote formally)? Then there was the whole POV changes I needed to make. Eventually, I just had to release it all. Going through the many editing rounds has made me a better writer and I thank Kara for that! :-) She is wonderful! The only advice I can offer is to take slow breaths. Breathe! :-) Hugs, MRS N

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words and support, all! Especially interesting to hear this from a Game Designer's perspective. I guess creative work is creative work, regardless of the format.