Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Pressure: Do You Work Better With or Without it?

When it comes to my productivity and general ability to get things done, I have a very odd Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. A large part of me is extremely on the ball and can't stand loose ends. I like things in their place and I like the swift, no-nonsense motion my hand makes when it crosses items off a to-do list.

And then there's my creative, spontaneous side; the let's-drop-everything-and-have-a-picnic-right-now side. Let's see... we'll need pie, and sandwiches, and bubbles! I love bubbles. Don't you just love bubbles?

In a practical sense, this results in my home starting out as the picture of organized perfection each morning, only to resemble a post-party fraternity house by around noon. I typically wallow in my chaotic mess for a few hours, and then it's time to scramble around and put the pieces back together before anyone catches me living my secret double life as a flaky but lovable slob.

The same concept applies to my writing, especially when it comes to deadlines. When my deadline is far enough off, I like to work at a slow pace and let myself get distracted by new ideas and outside activities. Things can get a little crazy in this place. But once I find myself within arm's reach of the deadline, my drill sergeant side swoops in to clean up my creative side's mess and get the job done.

I like a good balance of pressure. I crack under too much pressure, and yet I shudder to think of the crazy that would be unleashed if I didn't have any pressure. Just curious to see where others stand on the issue. Please leave your comments below, especially if you're the type who can get things done perfectly well without any pressure at all, because quite frankly, you people fascinate me.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an epic mess to make.


  1. HI Courtney! As for writing and editing, I work better under pressure. I have to have a schedule or nothing gets done! ;-) Although, too much pressure and I sob in the corner. A good balance is the best, I think! :-) MRS N

  2. I'm not the type who works well under pressure.
    I like everything to be in in order, well beforehand... and believe me, the work-well-under-pressure types are equally fascinating!
    "flaky but lovable slob" LOL
    I like your energy!
    Nice to meet you via the A to Z challenge. *waving*
    Writer In Transit

  3. Thanks for joining in the conversation!